Outdoor Activities & Nature

As the title itself suggests, the idea behind Excedo Outdoor Activities & Nature Trips is to take you out into the wild and get you moving.

Discover the mysterious and enchanting beauty of Orpheus’s homeland – the Rhodope Mountains, with their marvelous rock sculptures, unique microclimates, rich wildlife, mesmerizing natural phenomena, virgin forests and breathtaking waterfalls while biking along the TransRhodope Trail, hiking off the beaten track or slowly navigating the meanders of Arda River and its reservoirs.

Trek the Balkans’ highest mountain range and feel like a conqueror atop Musala Peak, while an awe-inspiring panorama unfolds before your eyes and spreads out beneath your feet. Connect with your inner spirituality under the divine sunlight reflecting off the famed and unforgettable Seven Rila Lakes – a place of purity and energy where each year followers of Master Beinsa Douno gather to bow down to the Sun.

Feel a little adventurous? Why not try something new entirely? Like zorbing surrounded by the stone legends of Belogradchik, Bulgaria’s candidate for the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Take a peak and find out what our current ‘expeditions’ have in store for you.

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