Are you the type of traveler that prefers to be independent and flexible? Not a fan of being bound by off-the-shelf travel programs, but simply too busy to arrange your own trip? check this link right here now.

You represent a company looking for a reliable partner, who will introduce Bulgarian history, culture and hospitality at its very best to your corporate guests. Perhaps you want to organize a memorable outdoor team-building event for your entire team.

Excedo is your one stop shop for all your travel related needs and an all-round Bulgaria experience.

Our services and travel support range widely: a simple suggestion on an interesting route or site to visit; organizing necessary equipment or a car rental; preparing a full blown self-guided trip package, which could include routes, maps, luggage transfers, detailed itinerary, interesting places and events suggestions, accommodations, some meals, emergency support, etc..

You determine the level of our service based on your own wishes, needs and budget.

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