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Romantic Things to do in Sofia

Without a doubt, Sofia is the most popular city in Bulgaria for visitors; and it’s easy to see why when you take in the beautiful architecture, rich cultural offering, and fascinating historical legacy. While we often write about the wonders of Sofia here at Excedo Travel, we thought we’d focus on the city’s more romantic side, looking at things to do for couples in Sofia. No two couples are exactly the same, so we’ve tried to include a nice mixture of activities on this list. If anything here inspires you to learn more about the city, you may like to check out our guide What should I see and do on a 3-day trip to Sofia? And if you’d like to start planning your trip, check out our privaten Bulgarien Tagestouren, and please kontaktieren Sie uns bei Fragen.

Window Shop in Vitosha Boulevard

Vitosha Boulevard

There is something romantic about walking through any beautiful city with your significant other, and Sofia’s Vitosha Boulevard is perhaps the city’s most beautiful street. This long, expansive street is comprised of ornate buildings with many boutique shops, cafes, and restaurants. And if that alone doesn’t make Vitosha Boulevard a candidate for your romantic trip, you can see Vitosha Mountain standing proud at the end of the southward-facing end of the street. Shopping in the elegant boutique shops along Vitosha Boulevard isn’t necessarily romantic in and of itself, but shopping for an elegant present for each other in the most elegant part of Bulgaria’s capital city certainly is.

Indulge Yourselves on a Sofia Spa Day

There are several spas in Sofia. In fact, for years Sofia was famous for its public mineral baths, and Bulgaria has been famous for a long time for its rose oil, which it grows in its famous Rose Valley. This rose oil is used to make a variety of beauty products, and any spa you attend in Sofia will undoubtedly use rose oil products. Sofia’s spas are luxurious, but there is something undeniably unique and romantic about trying the various beauty products grown and created here in Bulgaria.

Take a Private Sofia Walking Tour Together

If you are both passionate about history and culture when you visit a city, you could take a private walking tour where you have access to a local guide’s expertise and knowledge throughout. There is something special about taking a private tour of Sofia with a local as you can ask whatever questions you like without having to share their attention with a larger tour group. If this sounds appealing to you, take a look at our Discover Sofia Sightseeing Walking Tour. This is also a great experience to book at the start of your trip as it allows you to learn more about the city, making note of the places you’d like to visit throughout the rest of your stay in Sofia.

Take a Trip to the Rose Valley

Rose Valley Extravaganza’

While Bulgaria’s Rose Valley is outside of Sofia, Excedo Travel offers a Rose Valley Tour there where we transport you from Sofia to the village of Skobelevo in Central Bulgaria. If you’ve been to one of Sofia’s decadent spas, you will appreciate the quality of our rose oil, but it’s an entirely different experience to walk through our endless fields of roses before trying some more of the luxurious products the rose oil helps create. This is a romantic experience for couples who like to get out of the city from time to time. But you can take this a step further with our next suggestion…

Im Vitosha-Gebirge wandern

Das Vitosha-Gebirge

Not all couples want the same things, and romance means something different for everyone. For many, a candlelit dinner and a good bottle of wine is the most romantic activity possible, but others prefer to go out exploring together.

For this, we highly recommend visiting Vitosha Mountain — the vast mountain that overlooks Sofia. You can see Vitosha from many parts of the city. Its presence makes the mountain a quintessential part of the city, and adventurous couples will spend time in Sofia, looking over at the mountain, wishing they could climb it together. Well, you absolutely can climb it! You can take a bus from the city, then choose to either climb the whole mountain or enjoy a gondola lift to Aleko Hut. So, it can be a challenging but rewarding hike with your partner, or it can be a relaxing gondola ride to the top; it’s entirely up to you!

Wine and Dine in Sofia

Sofia has some incredible restaurants that span a diverse range of cuisine, including local Bulgarian fare. While you will almost certainly plan to have a few romantic meals while you’re here, a food tour is a great way to discover the best places to eat — many of which will be local favourites that you might find online. For maximum romantic points, take your partner to the Rooftop Bar. This is a bar and restaurant in the city centre that more than earns its name. It is located on the highest floor of Hotel Sense and has the most romantic view of Sofia’s Alexander Nevski Cathedral lit up by night. If it’s warm enough, ask to be seated next to an open window and make sure to call ahead and reserve a table.

So, Would Sofia Make A Good Valentine’s Day City Break?

Romance isn’t limited to one day a year; so, while we’d say Sofia absolutely does make for a great Valentine’s Day city break, it’s a romantic setting at any time of year. Of course, we have only skimmed the surface of the romantic tours and activities you can look forward to in Sofia, but we hope we’ve inspired a few readers to visit Sofia in the near future. It really is one of the most romantic cities in Europe and we can’t wait to welcome you here!