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Why Should you Visit Sofia, Bulgaria?

Sofia’s Ivan Vazov National Theatre
Sofia’s Ivan Vazov National Theatre

If you’ve clicked through to this blog, then you’re probably already interested in visiting Sofia. We hope to give you the final incentive you need to start planning your big Bulgarian adventure — or if you’re already planning to visit Sofia, perhaps this blog will give you one or two places to add to your itinerary. There are so many reasons you should visit Sofia, but we don’t want to write a blog that takes an hour to read, so we’ve distilled this down into a few of the city’s most intriguing and appealing features. Keep reading if you’d like to know why you should visit Sofia!

Sofia’s History is the Perfect Setting for Day Tours

Sofia isn’t huge by any means, but its history is as complex and interesting as anything else you’ll find in Europe’s other great cities. This means that there are so many incredible buildings and museums to explore and the smaller tourism numbers makes for a more relaxed, more authentic atmosphere. Explore Sofia’s Roman history on our specialist tour or take a tour from Sofia to Rila Monastery & Boyana Church. There are countless other fascinating places to explore; some of them can be seen in a day, and many of them can be grouped together into little Sofia day tour itineraries. 

Sofia’s Architecture

Sofia’s enigmatic public mineral baths
Sofia’s enigmatic public mineral baths. Image credit.

For many, the most striking thing about Sofia is the old Byzantine churches. With gold-tipped domes and an enigmatic colour palette, even if you’ve been in most of Europe’s big cities, you haven’t seen a city quite like Sofia. There are also a lot of neo-classical buildings and The Largo — a colossal piece of Stalinist Architecture built in the 1950s. There are too many buildings and architectural styles to discuss here, but it’s safe to say that Sofia is a haven for architecture buffs. 

Das Vitosha-Gebirge

Veiws atop Vitosha, Sofia’s mountain neighbour
Veiws atop Vitosha, Sofia’s mountain neighbour

As if Sofia wasn’t already picturesque enough, the majestic Vitosha Mountain is very close by. The mountain’s snowy peak can be spotted from almost every part of the city and its presence can help people navigate the city by giving them a rather striking point of reference. Not only does Vitosha Mountain add to the atmosphere of Sofia, it is only a 30-minute drive away, making it the perfect way to get your fill of adventure after you spend a few days exploring the city. It’s this combination of culture and adventure that Bulgaria as a whole does better than anywhere else – although we admit that we’re a touch biased…

Sofia is Incredibly Affordable

Isn’t it always amazing when your money goes a lot further in a different city? When the food, drinks, and shopping feel so cheap it’s almost like everything is on sale? Well, Sofia is strangely cheap for such a beautiful, elegant city. There are a few other contenders, but it is entirely possible that Sofia is the cheapest capital city in Europe. This keeps daily expenses down, making it easier and cheaper to have a longer or more luxurious stay.

Plan the Perfect Sofia Weekend Break

The Bulgarian Orthadox St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
The Bulgarian Orthadox St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

While there is a lot to do in Sofia, its smaller size makes it ideal for weekend breaks. If you aren’t looking for an epic expedition in Bulgaria — just a mini-adventure — then Sofia is ideal. There is a great mixture of city culture and history, with the beautiful countryside and the before-mentioned Vitosha Mountain only 30 minutes away. This means that you can have a streamlined, authentic holiday experience in Sofia without feeling like you’ve missed many of the most important things. 

That’s all we have time for today. We hope we’ve convinced one or two readers to visit our beautiful capital city. There really is nowhere else like it anywhere else in the world. If you’d like the best possible Bulgarian trip, Excedo can create a fully customised guided Bulgaria tour just for you, putting in all of the details and locations you want — with a many more surprises you won’t find in the guide books. If you have any questions about our custom tours — or anything else mentioned in this blog, please feel free to kontaktieren. What are you waiting for? Plan your great Bulgarian adventure with Excedo!