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Sneak a Peek at the Eastern Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria

Enjoy a glimpse into the rich natural splendor and cultural heritage of the Eastern Rhodope Mountains. They are not only one of Europe’s biodiversity hotspots, but a real treasure trove.

Discover the beauty of the Eastern Rhodopes

a spectacular location

One of Bulgaria's many hidden gems

The local flora and founa is a fascinating array of natural wonders, comprising many species unfamiliar to most Europeans. The area around the small mining town of Madzharovo, presented in the first video, is the only breeding area in the country for griffon vultures and most importantly, a breeding site for the globally threatened Egyptian vulture. Black vultures can also be observed here.

Moreover, scattered throughout you will also find ancient sanctuaries and monuments from Antiquity. A prime example is the Thracian tomb of Alexandrovo highlighted in the second video.

When professionals work together

The Eastern Rhodope Mountains are a magical place and one of our favorite spots in Bulgaria. Therefor, when our founder Manuela was asked to contribute to a joint project by the Ministry of Tourism and the Association of Bulgarian Tour Guides, aimed at showcasing lesser known destinations in Bulgaria, the choice was obvious.

The main challenge was to get things done in 2 days – plan the trip, come up with great locations, improvise a script and capture some spectacular images. The end result speaks for itself. When professionals work together, everything is possible.

Associatation of Bulgarian Tour Guides

Ministry of Tourism of Bulgaria

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