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Is it fun to visit Sofia, Bulgaria in the winter?

In Bulgaria, we enjoy the best of all four seasons, including lots of snow and cold temperatures in the winter months. From creating a winter wonderland on our mountainscapes and urban parks to encouraging us to gather for a cosy meal indoors, winter is a beautiful time to enjoy the natural beauty and the welcoming culture of Bulgaria. 
If you’re keen to explore, we’d love to take you on a private walking tour of Sofia to show you the sights and explain our extensive and fascinating history. If you’re looking for more, we can craft a tailor-made tour of Bulgaria for you that’s catered to your interests. We love to share this captivating country with visitors from all around the world!


Fun Things to Do in Sofia in Winter

There are so many fun things to do in Sofia all year-round! The advantage of visiting Bulgaria in the winter is that prices are often lower for flights and accommodations whilst restaurants and activities aren’t as busy as they can be in the summer months. Visiting Sofia in winter gives you a glimpse into local life that is harder to see amidst the summertime visitors.

We already shared some helpful tips on what to see and do on a 3-day trip to Sofia and the most famous things to see in Sofia, as well as some advice on what a tourist should not do in Sofia. We recommend you start there to get to know this capital city and find out what makes Sofia so great for a visit.

Sofia Snow

For more ideas specifically for visiting Sofia in winter, we have some recommendations from our favourite activities as locals. We’re also always happy to answer questions and help you plan your trip, so feel free to get in touch.

Hit the Slopes for Skiing and Snowboarding

Bulgaria is an outdoor adventure lover’s dream destination! All year-round, we have fun outdoor activities to enjoy. During the summer, everywhere from the Black Sea beaches to the mountain trails invite sun seekers to venture round the country. During the winter in Bulgaria, we hit the slopes to enjoy the snow!

If you love to snowshoe, ski or snowboard, then come to Sofia in winter to enjoy the convenience of Mount Vitosha, which is inside the city limits and over 2,000 metres high! You can even easily reach the mountain via public transport.


If you’re new to snowshoeing, skiing, and snowboarding, then Sofia is an excellent place to learn at very affordable prices. Come enjoy the city and the slopes without breaking the bank.

Stroll the Sofia Christmas Market

The Christmas market in Sofia is a wonderful place to visit during winter! Nothing quite says Christmastime like strolling through a market with artisan wares and a hot gluhwein in hand. While Sofia’s Christmas market isn’t the largest in Europe, its smaller scale actually makes it more enjoyable with smaller crowds.

We also have wonderful local traditions that we love to share! We already wrote about Christmas traditions and rituals in Bulgaria so you can learn more.

Christmas Market

Ice Skating in the Centre of Sofia

It’s not just the Christmas market that makes Sofia a fun place to visit in December! Right in the heart of the city, you can go ice skating in Borisova Garden. Skating in the city centre is such a fun thing to do in the winter in Sofia!

Warm Up With Bulgarian Food and Drinks

Since we’re quite used to cold temperatures in the Balkans during the winter, we’re also quite good at warming ourselves up! Try some of our traditional stews and soups that soothe the soul after a day out in the winter weather. 

You can also learn from our Guide to Bulgarian Wine and sample your way around the country! Eager to try something new? Order yourself some rakia to finish off your meal. This digestif is typically around 40% alcohol and can certainly warm you up quickly. Remember to say nazdrave!


Enjoy the Romance of Winter Vistas

The architecture in Sofia is truly extraordinary. During a snowy winter be sure to pack a pair of good gloves and your camera to capture stunning views of snow-covered buildings all around the city. 

There’s something magical and romantic about a bright blue winter sky backdrop with snow-fringed basilicas and iconic buildings throughout Sofia. We have a few more ideas for a romantic trip to Sofia that you might enjoy.

We also highly recommend a visit to the opera or the theatre! It’s a lovely way to enjoy local culture whilst staying warm inside during a cold winter’s evening.


Take a Trekking & Cultural Day Tour from Sofia

Visiting Boyana Church is a fantastic Sofia day tour that we love to do all year-round. Located on the northern slope of Vitosha Mountain, Boyana Church holds incredible cultural and religious significance in Bulgaria. 

Join us for an easy-to-moderate trek from that UNESCO World Heritage Site through the beautiful Vitosha Nature Park. If there’s good snow cover, we’ll provide snow shoes for the adventure!

Whether you’re looking for a more affordable city break in the winter months or you’re keen to get outdoors for some snow-fuelled adventures, we’re confident you will love visiting Sofia in the winter. Come see for yourself how beautiful the city can be under a blanket of snow! And do feel free to contact us with help booking your tours and activities in Bulgaria.