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Yordan Georgiev

Tour guide


Every self-respecting adventure travel company that places an emphasis on responsible and sustainable tourism should have an environmental expert in their ranks. In Excedo’s case, that is Yordan, who easily balances between the mountain, the sea and the air.

He is a licensed mountain and tour guide. When on shore, Yordan can be seen hiking in the mountains, exploring new routes or just “roaming” in the wild. He also loves biking; whether on a paved or unpaved road, it always takes you to beautiful places, because that is Bulgaria – small enchanting village, nestled along centuries-old forests or charming meadows with an abundance of wild flowers and orchids. And of course, we shouldn’t forget that Yordan is also a climber.

When he is away from the mountains, Yordan is most likely at sea. As a professional sailor on research vessels, our resident environmentalist has been to many places around the world. He can fascinate you with interesting stories about the polar bears in the Arctic; the monkeys trying to steal your lunch on a hike in Singapore or Taiwan; the thousands of people taking a stride in the South Korean mountains; Okinawa’s venomous snakes, used by locals to produce the very special Habu Sake; or the mushroom shaped islands of Palau in the Pacific Ocean…

Yordan’s latest passion is flying – he did a paragliding training some five years ago. So if you want to go on a hike and fly mission in Bulgaria, he will be the one to take you!

And make sure you are throwing your garbage at the right place because the environmental watchful eye is always watching.